What is is a search engine and customizable portal where your designated school district earns money through your activities on our website. We've created a way to direct 50% of our gross revenue to U.S. school districts on Did you know that search engines are projected to generate over $15 billion dollars in 2008 from US Paid Search Advertising. Let’s intercept some of these funds and donate them to your school district!

How does it work?

How is the money generated?

At, we track and direct 50% of the revenue generated by your activity to each school district. Essentially, company advertising dollars (and not your own!) are passed along to your school district of choice. You will be able to donate without pulling out YOUR wallet. Also, there is no cap on how much money we can donate.

Fraudulent clicking on advertisements will not be tolerated and will ban your activity from this program and may result in your school district being banned from this initiative. We have a system in place that can trace fraudulent clicks, so please use this site honestly.


What is meant by fraudulent clicking?

Fraudulent clicking includes, repeated manual clicks or clicks from the use of robots or other automated tools. These activities will result in the user or organization being banned from and from including the revenue generated as donations. Finally, could lose its ability to post sponsored links, which generates funding for your organization of choice. Please use this site honestly. Just use as you would any other search engine.

How will I know what’s been generated or donated to the school district I’m supporting? will announce the donation amount on a quarterly basis. Here is the schedule for 2008:

How can I spread the word about to my friends, family and co-workers?

There are lots of simple ways to spread the word about


What is a Portal and what does the Portal provide?

Portals provide useful content to various sites and features from across the Web. The Portal allows each user to personalize their homepage with favorites such as news, weather, sports, entertainment, photos, videos, music, email and much more – all on one page that you can access from anywhere.


Do I need to create an account?

If you want your settings saved permanently then yes and you can access your personalized homepage from any computer. Creating an account is free.

How do I add and delete content on

To add content on your home page, click on the “Add Content” button at the top left to choose from a variety of popular feeds and widgets to create your customized home page. Choose from a variety of categories: Tools, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Health, News, General Interest, Sports, and Pets. Each category has a number of feeds and widget options that you can select. When you select a feed or widget, it will populate on the bottom of the page. You can also hover over the header of the widget you just selected and “drag & drop” to place the widget where you wish. You can do this with any widget on the page and on any Tab.

It’s even easier to delete a widget. Hover over the header of the widget and a red micro-button with an “x” will appear. All you have to do is click-it. A notification box will appear to ask if you are sure you want to remove. Select “Okay” if you want it deleted.

It’s that easy!

Can I have more than one tab and also add/remove tabs?

Sure! Just click on "Add Tab" at the top left to add another page. You can also name the tab. You can also delete a tab. Go to the page that you want to delete and click the little "delete tab" on the right.


Will you be adding additional features?

Yes, we are always adding new features and modules to


What if I can’t get modules or features to work?

Please contact. We apologize for any bugs that may exist within our site. Please let us know and since our site is complex and we are continually working out the bugs. We will be on top of it!