Think happy thoughts of success, and the chances of success and positive achievement are more likely to come your way. Think dour, unhappy thoughts of sadness, or pain and suffering, and just as surely, you are more likely to run into trouble. There is little doubt of this, as countless thousands of women have testified.

Nobody has told the animals that their confinements are to be tilled with pain and suffering and horror, so they usually glide through them with complete ease. Numerous native tribes, "uneducated" by our standards, have never been told to expect hardship, agony and the tortures of the damned when they are reproducing, so they do not look for it. And according to numerous reports by on-the-spot investigators, they undergo very little physical or mental trauma when their time arrives.

"It's all in the mind." How true! So, from the moment your pregnancy is confirmed (and preferably well before that date, when you have the first intimate inkling yourself), start to programme your mind correctly. Do it regularly, preferably every day, many times every day.

''This is normal, natural, and I intend to enjoy every living moment of my pregnancy,'' you tell yourself in terms loud and clear. Repeat the message many times during the day, and just before you go to bed at night. Repeat it if you awaken during the night, and say it again first thing every morning.

Gradually, with this incessant input of positive, happy, successful ideas, your sub­conscious mind will automatically become programmed to expect the best, to expect success.

The psychological benefits of sensible, positive, practical programming of the mind cannot be over-expressed and re-emphasized.

Try to live a sensible, normal, natural life. Do not mollycoddle yourself. This is tantamount to failure. Nature will certainly "deliver the goods" in due course. But you are doing yourself an injustice to become introspective and introverted at this vital time. It is a time to enjoy, to be happy.

Not only is it a time of happiness for you, but it should be for all the family as well. Your husband will be delighted to see your enjoyment and zest for living increase. If there are already other members in the family, let them in on the secret as well. There is nothing so delightful as "togetherness" when another member is anticipated.