The level of obstetric sophistication today is very high, and it is necessary for a prospective mother to take every advantage of what is available. Nobody can make you attend the doctor regularly. Nobody can force a person to make full use of the excellent services that now exist. It is up to the individual.

For women with a normal pregnancy, attendance at the doctor's surgery every four weeks until the twenty-eighth week is recommended. After this, fortnightly visits should take place until the thirty-sixth week. Visits then become weekly occurrences until the baby is born.

In the event of problems arising, then visits will be more frequent. This will be left to the doctor to tell you when he expects you to return for a subsequent check.

Do not go against your doctor's advice. Do not think you are somebody extra-special, who can be excluded from the need of proper regular medical examinations. Just because you have experienced hardly a day's illness in your life does not mean you can shirk on your requirements right now. Stick with the routine. Follow your doctor's advice exactly in every respect. In this manner, you will be guaranteed a safer, more comfortable confinement than otherwise. It also means you are being fair to your unborn baby. After all, at this stage you are totally responsible for his welfare as well as your own.